Outstanding Researcher Section

Over the past thirty years, the Khwarizmi International  Award  has  become  a solid institution among researchers, academics and industrials. 

The  KIA  smoothly pursued its evolution at a sustained pace. Both scientific and executive Boards built further on what has already been established and acquired. They made the Khwarizmi International Award grow and flourish, with the view to promoting the country's development, with the recognition and celebration of outstanding scientists.

On the eve of the 27th session, a new idea begun to blossom into reality, with the creation of  a  new section "Outstanding Researcher" that  will recognize, at each session, a national outstanding researcher. With the creation of this new section, the KIA engaged itself to celebrate, each year, the intellectual capital of this country, to honour outstanding scientists for their prestigious research career, their significant role in science and culture, with the purpose  to recognize the national Elite  and  enhancing the sustainable development of the country.

"The Oustanding Researcher" should have played, during her/his life, a significant role in the development of science and technology, promoted the national and Islamic culture, defended fundamental social values, and presented the Iranian wealth to Iranian people and across the globe.

"The Outstanding Researcher" will also be selected according her/his academic rank, publications, academic career and researcher works. 

The complete  list of the Oustanding Researchers is annually updated in the  Bulletin of the last edition .