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1987  was  the  first  year  when   the  Khwarizmi  Award    was  presented.  Since  that year,   ...



The Khwarizmi International Award is  exceptional as  this scientific contest is also open to individuals, no special recommendation or nomination is requested.


Eligibility for the KIA is not excluded by previous prizes awarded to the applicant. To qualify for consideration as a candidate for the Khwarizmi International Award, the research work must be completed.


Applications are accepted in the following fields: Aerospace, Civil Engineering, Materials, Metallurgy & New Energies, Agriculture, Natural... Read more

Khwarizmi International Award (KIA)

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Khwarizmi international Award
: 35th    
Researcher:  Prof. Jean-Laurent Casanova
Country:  France
Date of Birth:  June 14, 1963.
Field: Infectious Diseases
Scientific Affiliation: Rockefeller University and University of Paris; Laboratory of Human Genetics of InfectiousDiseases.

Research Work Title: Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases

Abstract: While most humans do well when they get infected with infectious agents, infections might cause life-threatening diseases. This is called “infection enigma”. Prof. Jean-Laurent Casanova discovered the human genetic and immunological determinants of various viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infectious diseases. His laboratory reported that single-gene inborn errors of immunity or their autoimmune phenocopies can... Read more

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