Candidates  are  kindly  invited  to  read  carefully  the  following  points:

Conditions of application:


The Khwarizmi International Award is also open to individuals, no special recommendation or nomination is requested.


Nominated candidates should be aware of the conditions of application.


Eligibility for the KIA is not excluded by previous Prizes awarded to the applicant.


For team research works, The KIA is presented to the only one research team representative.


All documents must be submitted electronically via the website, application online, following the guidelines


The KIA secretariat reserves the right to publish abstracts of any winning submission, name and biography of the Laureates on the website.


Iranian Scientists Residing Abroad


Our esteemed Iranian Scientists Residing Abroad are invited to present their candidature(s) in this Foreign & Iranian Scientists Residing Abroad Section.



For  candidates  with  more than  one  nationality or  residing in another country,   please submit  the  only  country   you  wish to be mentioned,  if   you  are selected  as  a  KIA Laureate.   This nationality   will be mentioned and published. 

Application Submission


Before applying it is recommended to familiarize with the different sections. See application form preview.


Please carefully review the following information regarding the on-line application process.


The application, including annexes should be submitted online, in English.


Once applicants  have filled all the required information of the registration form, they may go the next section and submit their research work by log in.


Applicants do not have to complete their application in one sitting. They can start the process and complete it any time before the deadline (see key dates and extended deadlines)  using their username and password.


Applicants are requested to follow the instructions inserted between the boxes to be completed.


Submitting a complete C.V.  , only, would not be considered as a completed application. The CV is to be submitted as one annex. 


How to apply?


New applicants

– at your left, click on Foreign  & Iranian  Researchers  Residing  Abroad  Section 

On the menu above go to

  • Application Procedure
  • Online Application    
  • Register
  • Complete the Registration Form
  • Click on Register

                      Congratulation!  Your registration is successful!

Log in

If you are ready to submit now  your research work, you may log in  with your email address (username) and password

Enter your  Username (E-mail)  and   Password

  • Click on next and move  to the next section related to your research work
  • Click on save  & Log out to return later on

if you wish to return later on  

  • Log in
  • Enter your Username & Password
  • Edit   (Applicants will have the opportunity to review all information for accuracy and make any necessary corrections or changes before submitting it)

Keep going through all sections of your application until finished.


Acknowledgement of  Receipt


When you submit your application, you will receive an automated confirmation email.

If you do not receive a confirmation of submission email, then you are invited to contact us.

Research work


Abstract ( to be published) must be submitted in a final format.

Please keep the abstract content  within 150 characters

The submitted research works that are still in the development phase and have not yet been implemented are not eligible.

Description of the submitted research work should explain:

The subject, the aim of the research work, the process and steps it followed until its completion, the results and how far this research work is successful.




To preview the requested annexes, please refer to the separate file - Application preview.

Before sending annexes, create Zip files.

Applications with insufficient and incomplete annexes shall not be processed.

All annexes should be provided in English.





Contact Address of the Applicants


Exact contact address and particularly two E-mail addresses are requested for further communication (to limit the  risk of  E-mail delivery failures), mandatory.




Any applications received after the Deadline will not be processed and will be presented automatically for the next session of the KIA.

(please kindly consult the website for any deadline extension)


Acknowledgement of Receipt


An acknowledgement of receipt, via E-mail, will be sent to all the applicants.

 (Some of the E-mail communications fail to be delivered, in case applicants did not receive a  an acknowledgement of receipt, they are kindly invited to re-contact via E- mail the secretariat )



KIA Specialized Scientific Committees evaluate research works.

Notes for the KIA Laureates


-KIA Laureates, ONLY, will be notified by Tel and E- mail.  (Please refer to the Key Dates in the website) Candidates are kindly requested to submit available E-mail Addresses / Tel & Cell Numbers and check their E-mails.






For further information, applicants are kindly invited to refer to the FAQ.

But if you have any questions you would like answered, please E-mail us at 


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