Frequently Asked Questions

Selection Laureates: I will be grateful if you can intimate that how many persons will be selected finally (of one particular field). Moreover, is there be any tentative date of the announcement?

In some sessions in one scientific committee, one field,  two to three candidates are finalists, in other sessions only one, No quota has been fixed.

Team performance: Since our project leader is not available at event date, should we fill up the application form under project leader name or a person who will present the work?

The application form should be filled out, with the common acceptance of the team members. If possible, under the name of the person who has the highest percentage of participation in this research work.

Iranian Researchers: It is understood that the Khwarizmi International Award is classified in three sections: 1) Iranian researchers who live in Iran 2) Iranians researchers who live in other countries 3) Non-Iranian researchers How can we indicate that

Researchers who conduct research abroad (outside of Iran) should apply in the foreign section, in English.
If they are Iranian Researchers Residing Abroad, they should indicate it,  and then indicate their Country of Residency:
Iranian Residing Abroad:     Y  □       N