KIA Board

The KIA  Board  includes:
The  Grand Jury

The Grand Jury is chaired by the President of IROST and composed with 

  • The Chairman of the KIA
  • The  Executive Chairman of the KIA
  • Fourteen eminent scientists in different fields of Science and Technology
The Grand Jury reviews and discusses the short list presented by the heads of the Scientific Committees. The Grand Jury chooses the Laureates by a majority vote. Its decision is final and without appeal. It cannot be contested or subject to explanation or justification.   
The results will be communicated by phone and E-mail to the KIA Laureates at the end of the deliberation process, and remain confidential until the official announcement. 
 Executive Committee
  • The President of IROST 
  • The Chairman of  the  KIA
  • The Executive Chairman 
  • The Executive Experts Group
Scientific Committees

Applications  submitted to the KIA, are forwarded  after registration to the Scientific Committees according to the regulations and deadlines  fixed each year  in the  call for participation.

Each session, the heads of the Scientific Committees are officially selected by the chairman of the KIA.  These committees  are composed of highly-authoritative academics coming from different scientific institutions and representing  different disciplines.

In autumn, these  Scientific  Committees, each composed of  different scientific groups,  examine each applications according to determined  regulations and criteria. They might contact the candidates for further information. 

Where  Scientific Committee Members feel that they would benefit from additional expertise in tackling a particular  application or issue, they might consult external experts and/or invite them to join the  committee  for a better expertise.

At the end, the head of each scientific committee shall write an official  report for the secretariat  stating  that all the candidatures submitted have been duly considered and shall present a short list to the Grand Jury of the KIA.

The Scientific Committees of the Khwarizmi International Award  cover the following disciplines:

    Scientific Committees

Agriculture, Natural Resources, Animal Sciences & Veterinary Medicine   
   Basic Sciences
   Biotechnology &  Basic Medical Sciences
   Chemical  Technology
   Civil Engineering
   Electronic & Computer
Green Technology
   Information Technology
   Materials, Metallurgy & New Energies
   Medical Sciences
   Industry & Technology  Management