KIA Laureates of the Foreign Section - Including Iranian researchers residing abroad

List of all the KIA Laureates

  1. KIA  Laureates of  the Foreign Section :

Includes Foreign Researchers and  Iranian researchers residing abroad.

All the KIA Laureates  of all sessions are kindly invited to contact the KIA to confirm/ edit  their   contact details

  1. Notification to the KIA Laureates for participating in the award ceremony
    As soon as the KIA Laureates are notified:
     - KIA Laureates, ONLY, will be notified by Tel  and  E- mail. Candidates are kindly requested to check the Key Dates and their  E-mails.
    - the KIA covers international travel expensesboarding and lodging expenses of  the  KIA Laureates, ONLY (not accompanying persons), during four days, at the venue hotel  booked by the KIA.
    Official  Information Notes will be submitted to the KIA Laureates.
    For  the  day  of  the award ceremony, KIA Laureates should prepare, at their earliest convenience,  the following items ( Necessary forms will be submitted):
  1. Necessary information for travel arrangements

(Visa arranged by the KIA, ticket provided by the KIA)

  1. Necessary information for the organization of scientific lectures (topics will be requested)
  2. Letter of  acceptance
  3. A biography, with a narrative style (Dr./ Prof. / She / He obtained…), not more than 150 words, for publication
  4. Abstract of the research work not more than 150 words, for publication
  5. Photo of the research work if any, for publication
  6. Personal color photograph, for publication
  7. Words of appreciation for  the KIA Award
    Personal quote about the KIA inscribed in the KIA Golden Book, at the end of  the award ceremony, for publication
  8. Photos of the KIA Laureate  with  a  scientific environment,  for publication
  9. Exhibition  material of the research achievements

- KIA Laureates will be expected, during their stay (around 4 days depending on the travel schedule), to present  seminar(s) based upon their research achievements.

- KIA Laureates will be featured in the website  (complete biography, the words of appreciation and  photos  in the next session’s  bulletin.