IROST holds Khwarizmi Awards Ceremony 2023

The Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) held the awards ceremony of the 36th Khwarizmi International Award, the 1st Khwarizmi Innovation and Technology Award, and the 24th  Khwarizmi Youth Award jointly on February 28, 2023, at the International Conference Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, Tehran. The ceremony was attended by H.E. Dr. S. E. Raissi, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, H.E. Dr. M.A. Zolfigol, the Minister of Science, Research, and Technology, and H.E. Dr. H. Zamanian, the Deputy Minister for Science, Research, and Technology, and the President of IROST as well as other high-ranking officials of the country. 


   IROST organizes the Khwarizmi Awards annually to acknowledge the efforts made by researchers, innovators, inventors, and technologists and to appreciate their outstanding research work and contributions to different fields of science and technology. At the Khwarizmi Awards, projects in the research and development, basic, applied, innovation and technology research categories in all scientific fields other than human sciences are considered for evaluation.


    At the 36th Khwarizmi International Award, 281 applications from Iranian and foreign scientists, researchers, and technologists were accepted and evaluated, of which two national and three international candidates from China, Singapore, and Sweden were selected as the laureates of this edition of the Khwarizmi International Award by the Grand Jury. Considering the importance of the Khwarizmi International Award in the academic world, scientists from different countries participate in this award and submit their applications.


    At the 24th Khwarizmi Youth Award, out of 302 applications, 10 were reviewed by the Scientific Jury, and finally, four were introduced as winners. In the first edition of the Khwarizmi Innovation and Technology Award, the received projects were submitted to the Scientific Committees and as a result, a total of four projects were announced as the recipients of the Khwarizmi Innovation and Technology Award by the Jury. The winning projects included two projects proposed by the Scientific Committee of Mechanical Engineering, one proposed by the Scientific Committee of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and one proposed by the Scientific Committee of Nanotechnology. These knowledge-based projects introduced significant innovations as well.